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Energy Products

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Energy Products

Ashmore Resources’ Energy Products business group is composed of two commodity departments:

Ashmore Resources and its subsidiaries market Crude Oil and Petroleum Products globally.

Ashmore Resources’ and its subsidiaries’ supply are acquired in part through long-term contracts from key-producing countries as well as by traditional short and medium-term purchase agreements. Ashmore Resources and its subsidiaries deliver to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Government purchasing agencies, large resellers and industrial end-users.

Oil and Gas activities are handled primarily by Ashmore Resources’ offices in London.

  • Palm Kernel Shells>

Ashmore Resources, through its affiliates, is both a significant producer of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) from its assets in West Africa and is itself a market leader in the marketing of PKS to global industrial consumers.

Ashmore Resources’ other sources of PKS are based on purchase contracts and agency agreements with major producing companies.

Ashmore Resources has purchase contracts with the major PKS producers in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria and supplies the world’s power utilities, steel mills, biomass power plants and chemical plants.

Crude oil and oil products such as fuel oil, heating oil, gasoline, naphtha, jet fuel and liquefied petroleum gas, as well as steam coal are marketed through these commodity departments.

To support the activities of these two departments, Ashmore Resources holds ownership interests, both directly and indirectly, in several strategically located coal-mining operations as well as a diversified portfolio of oil producing assets.

Energy Products commodities are marketed and coordinated primarily by our offices in London.

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