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Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products
Metals and Minerals
Energy Products
Ashmore Resources’ Agricultural Products business group is composed of the following main commodities:

  • Grains (Maize, Rice)
  • Sugar(Icumsa45,Icumsa100-150,Icumsa600-1200)
  • Raw Cashew nuts
  • Cashew Kernels
  • Cocoa beans (Well fermented dry Cocoa beans)
  • Palm kernel Shells
  • Cassava pellets
  • Cassava chips

Ashmore Resources and its subsidiaries originate and market Maize, Rice, edible oils and sugar. These commodities are purchased from mills, refineries, regional merchants, silo companies, and in some countries directly from farmers.

This activity is supported by significant investments by Ashmore Resources subsidiaries in storage, processing and handling infrastructure. We service the marketing of agricultural commodities through our offices in London.


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