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Cassava Chips

This is the most common form in which dried cassava roots are marketed and most Cassava chipsexporting countries produce them. The chips are dried irregular slices of roots, which vary in size but should not exceed 5 cm in length so that they can be stored in silos.

Production of cassava chips

They are produced extensively in Nigeria, Ghana and many West African countries and also in some parts of Asia. The present method of processing chips is very simple, consisting of peeling, washing, chipping the cassava roots, and then sun drying the slices or chips.

The recovery rate of chips from roots is about 20-40% depending on the initial dry-matter content of the cassava roots and the final moisture of the chips.

General specifications for cassava chips are presented in specifications intended for export to the European Community, the Americas and Asia for use in livestock feeds, Ethanol production and several other uses.

Our chips are white or near white in colour, free from extraneous matter, molds, insect infestation and damage, and possess no peculiar odours. In addition, shipments of our chips do not contain significant amounts of dust, as this is considered unacceptable by our discerning buyers/importers.

Cassava chips
Cassava chips Specification

Moisture (max.)                                                 = 10 Р14%
Starch (min.)                                                       = 70 Р82%
Total ash (max.)                                                 = 1.8 Р3.0%
Crude Fibre (max)                                             = 2.1 Р5.0%
Free from odour
Sand and other extraneous matter (max.)     = 3%
Cyanide (max.)                                                    = 100mg/kg
Dimensions (max. in cm)     = Length 4-5cm, thickness 1.5cm

Note: Our preferred method of supply is FOB, however we would supply on C&F and CIF basis as well. We are also quite flexible on our payment terms we would deal on LC basis and Escrow ‚Äď we use a highly reputable UK based escrow company to facilitate our transactions as well.




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